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Expert veterinary care for horses in Chalmette, LA.

Horses require the same level of care as your traditional household pets if they are to remain happy and healthy throughout their lives. What you need is a veterinary partner that is experienced in large animal medicine and can work with you to keep your equine residents well. Paris Road Animal Hospital is here to help!

Wellness Exams
Caring for a horse involves a lifelong commitment to quality veterinary care. We’re honored to partner with you in managing the health of your individual horse or equine herd. The Paris Road Animal Hospital team performs wellness exams for horses to ensure they’re healthy and happy.
Health Certificates
If your horse needs a health certificate to travel interstate or internationally, as well as to participate in equine shows, Paris Road Animal Hospital is happy to help! Contact us with any questions.
It’s important to keep your horse on a proper vaccination and deworming schedule. From birth through adulthood, Paris Road Animal Hospital will create a vaccine schedule tailored specifically to your horse as a preventative measure.
Coggins Testing
A Coggins test detects antibodies against equine infectious anemia virus (EIA). Once a horse becomes infected with EIA, the horse will have the virus for life. Infections are rare and incurable, as there currently is no available vaccine. Negative Coggins tests are required for health certificates.

Your preferred Chalmette, LA veterinarian.

Our veterinary hospital is owned and run by Dr. Christopher Baudy, Dr. Alexandrea Baudy and Dr. Nicolas Rose who are all licensed, experienced veterinarians.




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